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How to flush BIND cache - ServerTechSupport
3 May 2013
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How to flush BIND cache

BIND or named  is the most widely used DNS software on the Internet. On Unix-like operating systems it is the de facto standard. Originally written by four graduate students at the Computer Systems Research Group at the University of California, Berkeley (UCB), the name originates as an acronym from Berkeley Internet Name Domain, reflecting the application’s use within UCB.BIND was first released with Berkeley Software Distribution 4.3BSD, and as such, it is free and open source software. Paul Vixie started maintaining it in 1988 while working for Digital Equipment Corporation. As of 2012, the Internet Systems Consortium maintains, updates, and writes new versions of BIND.

To flush BIND dns cache use the below command (For version 9.2.0 and later)

rndc flush

For older version of bind use the command

rndc restart or rndc exec

From version 9.3.0 onwards you can flush based on domain names using below command

 rndc flushname

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