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Setup multiple shared IP's in cPanel/WHM Server - ServerTechSupport
15 February 2014
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Setup multiple shared IP’s in cPanel/WHM Server

By default cPanel only allows one shared IP per server. But sometime you may need to multiple shared IP’s for e.g. assign different group of domain to different class IP. cPanel doesn’t provide any direct option for this but can be done easily via shell.

First of all reserve the IP’s.

echo "" >> /etc/reservedips
echo "" >> /etc/reservedips
echo "" >> /etc/reservedips

You can also do it from WHM >> Reserved IP’s

Now rebuild the IP pool


Now create directory /var/cpanel/mainips/

mkdir /var/cpanel/mainips/

Now add all the shared IP’s to /var/cpanel/mainips/root

echo "" >> /var/cpanel/mainips/root
echo "" >> /var/cpanel/mainips/root
echo "" >> /var/cpanel/mainips/root

Now you can assign these IP’s to multiple domains. If you want to assign multiple IP’s to a reseller account then simply add all the IP’s to file /var/cpanel/mainips/RESELLER_USERNAME

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