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Setup new cPanel/WHM Server - ServerTechSupport
14 June 2013
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Setup new cPanel/WHM Server

First of all setup below recommended partitions while installing the CentOS/RedHAT operating system.

Partition Size Comment
/ 80GB OS Base
/boot 500MB boot loader
/usr 32GB used by cPanel, Apache, PHP and other applications
/var 64GB MySQL, cPanel config and log files
/tmp 4GB
swap twice the size of RAM 4GB max is ok for system with very high RAM configuration
/home remaining space

Now start the cPanel installation

mkdir /home/cpins
cd /home/cpins
sh latest

It will take around 30 minutes or more depending on the server configuration and network speed

After cPanel installation is finished login to WHM and start the basic setup


Here it will ask for nameservers, hostname, quota config, ftp and nameserver setup etc.

After all that is done. it will take you to WHM and you can create new cPanel account there.

NOTE: Above mentioned steps are just the basic installation steps.  There are lots of more configuration that can be done to optimize and secure the server. If you want experienced cPanel System Administrator to setup the server for you then you can take a look at our cPanel Server Management plan

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