Transfer to ServerTechSupport from our competitors  and get first month server management just for $1. This competitor offer is only valid on Linux servers with cPanel and Plesk control panel  and CentOS or RedHAT operating system.

[message style=”warning”]Important Notes: [/box]

  • This offer is only valid for cPanel and Plesk Server Management plans.
  • This offer is valid for new clients only.
  • It’s only valid for one(1) server per client. i.e if you signup for two or more servers it will only be valid for first server.
  • You will get all the features of cPanel & Plesk Server Management expect it support only 30 support tickets during the first month offer period. You can upgrade to regular server management plan later which supports unlimited support tickets.
  • To prevent abuse, payments are accepted via PayPal only. If we receive payments from accounts who had already used our services then you will not receive any service.

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Below are our regular cPanel & Plesk Server Management Plans.
cPanel Server Management
Plesk Server Management