hourly server management
Individuals and small companies owning private servers like to manage their servers themselves. Because not much work needs to be done on the server and they are able to manage the server operations themselves and monthly server management is not economical for them.

But sometimes you will get stuck somewhere and are not able to resolve the issue yourselves, and you need some experienced system administrator to fix the issue just for one time. So we have designed this hourly server administration plan for people and companies owning linux server with CentOS, RedHat, Debian, Ubuntu and FreeBSD Operating system. It covers all the one time issues that can be resolved within an hour. You can order multiple packages for server administration tasks that require more time to complete.

Below are some of the issues that you can get resolved within our hourly server administration and server management plan.

Hourly Server Administration, Management tasks

  • Finding spammers and spamming scripts on the server.
  • Find hacking scripts on the server
  • Finding processes and users increasing load on the server
  • Fixing contorl panel( cPanel, Plesk, DirectAdmin etc.) issues
  • Upgrading server softwares and kernel
  • Installing PHP, Perl and Apache modules
  • Hacked server investigation
  • Installing control panel – cPanel, Plesk, DirectAdmin, Webmin and Kloxxo.
  • Fixing Apache Issues
  • Fixing PHP Issues
  • Adding and mounting extra hard disks to server
  • Configuring raid partition
  • writing custom bash script to generate backup using rsync
  • Clear logs on the server to free up disk space
  • Install litespeed or nginx( as reverse proxy ) on cpanel server
  • etc….

$25/hour/issue – Signup Now
This plan is charged per issue basis. Even if our admins are able to fix the issue within 5 minutes, it will be considered as full delivery of service.

NOTE: Most of the time we start working on the issue within 1 hour but this plan should not be considered for emergency service, it has 12 hour window. If you want some emergency task to be done on your server immediately, then please check our emergency support plan