Great service!!!!

ServerTechSupport custom care is amazing. Always available, never refuse help. I had many problems with my server, but they have always solved all the problems in a short time. I hope to work with them for a long time. What I think of them? Thant they are professional, fast, cheap and reliable. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE

Giovanni Quinti

Giovanni Q.

Web hosting services

This guys are just the best, before i start with them i did have a server management service with another company and they cant be compare with servertechsupport, i really love his services, they save me all the time. They did not refuse to made all they need to secure and made more fast my servers. They are just the best, i really high recommend their services.

Jose Manuel L. Lopez

Online Entertainment Provider

We are forever updating with new scripts that require our servers to operate with the latest protocols.

ServerTechSupport have always come through with some very demanding requests and have never charged until the job has been completed to our satisfaction.

Simple, they rock!

John Henry

Mansion OS provides highly interactive content management systems for small to medium sized organisations.

I have been very impressed with Server Tech support. They have been able to install lots of software on my servers and have been on hand to deal with lots of sysadmin issues we had when first setting up our service.

Unfortunately we found that many of the recommended softwares and firewalls just did not agree with our systems. Server Tech support were on hand to identify what was causing the issue and resolve it promptly, normally within a few hours.

I would recommend them for setting up servers and optimizing Apache, MySQL, and for any cPanel/WHM sysadmin issues.

Cedric W.K. Kithima
Mansion OS