Web Server Management

There is no need of pay for costly commercial control panels like cPanel, Plesk, DirectAdmin etc. when you are only hosting one or two sites on a server. The price of control panel license + server management will make it very costly. Of-course commercial control panel offers lots of features but why pay for it when you are never going to use any of those features.

You can use open source  softwares to setup the server.  For example you can do a manual installation of Apache, Nginx, Lighttpd or litespeed, PHP etc  and manage the site manually.

That’s why we at ServerTechSupport created this web server management plan. Under this server management plan we are going to setup and manage your web server with no control panel.

If you got a new server then we can also set it up from the scratch installing open source/paid softwares as per your need and  do the server setup.

If you own such a web server and want someone to manage the server  then we can do this for you.  Please contact us on our sales chat or email us at sales[a]servertechsupport.com with all your requirements.

Below are some of the examples of the web server setup that we have done.

  • Nginx + PHP
  • Varnish + Nginx + PHP
  • Apache + PHP
  • Apache + Nginx( as Proxy ) + PHP
  • litghttpd + PHP

We can also setup your site with web applications  like WordPress, Joomla, Magento, OpenCart, Perstashop, CubeCart etc.

It includes installation of commonly used softwares like ffmepg, Mplayer, mencoder, libmp3, flvtool2, ruby on rails, Python, Perl, ImageMagick etc.

Contact our sales department here or email us to sales{a}servertechsupport.com