One month 24×7 support will be provided under this plan.You can renew next month if you want to continue using our services

cPanel Installation, cPanel Server Security, Fixing cPanel issue, Finding Spammers. We can help you with all these.

cPanel Server Administration, Management & Support

Below are some of the main features of our cPanel Server Management Service, which includes 24/7 server management with full cPanel/WHM Support. Whenever you need any consultation or need any task to be performed on the server or your face any issue with the server. Simply open a ticket in our helpdesk and our server admin on duty will take care of the issue.

operating system

Operating System

  • CentOS  7.x, 8.x  (64 bit)
  • AlmaLinux
  • CloudLinux 7.x, 8x

If you have new server then we will install cPanel and setup the server.

new server setup

New Server Setup

If you have a new server then we will install cPanel control panel on it and configure it from scratch making it ready to use for you hosting.

unlimited support tickets

24×7 cPanel Support

We provide 24x7x365 unlimited support tickets. Also No Server issue come with prior notice, that’s why our cPanel Admins are available 24x7x365 to resolve all your server issues

  • 8 hour Response Time

    Most of the tickets are responded within 5 hours

  • 24 hour Resolution Time Guarantee

    Most of the tickets are resolved within 12 hours.

cpanel server management service

cPanel Management

Below are some of the cPanel specific tasks performed in cPanel Server Management Plan

  • Daily/Weekly cPanel updates
  • Apache,PHP Upgrade and downgrade
  • Backup Configuration
  • Nameserver Setup
  • Backup Restoration
  • Disk space issues
  • SSL Installation
  • DNS Editing
  • Mail Server Setup (exim + courier-imap/dovecot)
  • FTP Server Setup (pure-ftpd/pro-ftpd)
  • Google Apps Setup (DNS)
server optimization

Server Optimization

  • Apache Optimization – Apache performance optimization by tweaking keep alive, max clients etc. ( Optional: Install Nginx as a proxy for Apache )
  • PHP Configuration – Widely used PHP modules will be enabled for maximum compatibility.
  • MySQL Optimization – MySQL performance Optimization using my.cnf and enabling query caching.
  • PHP Caching modules –  Mecached, Opcache.
  • Monitoring Apps – We will install MyTOP, Iptraf, and Iftop utilities to easily monitor server performance.
  • Process Resource Monitor – monitor and kill processess overloading the server (Optional)
  • SPRI ( System Priority ) – control server load(optional)
  • CloudFlare Installation
server firewall

Firewall Setup

Config Server Firewall (CSF) will be installed and configured to do below things.

  • Block large number of connections(on request)
  • Report user having large number of process or using high memory
  • Alert when a script sends large number of emails
  • Suspicious file reporting – reports potential exploit files in /tmp and similar directories
  • Alert when load average remains high for more than a particular interval of time
  • SYN Flood protection ( on requrest)
  • Block countries ( on request)
  • Port Scan tracking and blocking
  • SSH login notification
  • SU login notification
  • WHM root access notification
  • Block IP’s with multiple failed login
24x7 server monitoring

24×7 Server Monitoring

  • Server Monitoring

    Your server will be monitored 24x7x365 at every 10 minutes interval.(*Addon)

  • System Integrity Monitor(SIM)

    It auto restart the services if they are down to ensure maximum uptime.(Optional)


If you are not satisfied within first 7 days or first three issues/tickets. Which ever comes first then you can request refund. But no refund will be provided in below cases

  • For cPanel installation and setup and/or Server Security tasks no refund will be provided.
  • Only one refund per client will be provided. If we provide you refund once. But you signup again later then you are not applicable for refund.
  • Only one refund will be provided. If you signup for multiple servers and ask refund for all then only refund of one server will be provided. So  signup for just one server first to test our service and if you are satisfied then and then only signup for other servers later.

24/7 server management

24×7 Server Management

LEVEL2 and LEVEL3 support.

  • Testing/Auditing Server
  • Ensuring maximum uptime
  • Installing and configuring RAID
  • LVM( Logical volume Manager) Setup
  • Suggesting New technologies to improve uptime and performance
  • write shell script to do task automation
  • and other tasks

If you have new server then we will install cPanel and setup the server.

sever security audit

Security Audit

RhHunter and Chkrootkit rootkit scanner will be installed and configured to perform nightly security audits to ensure the server is safe and protected from intrusions and hackers trying to gain access to the server. The softwares will scan the server for rootkits, worms and LKMs and are regularly updated.

server security

Server Security

We can install below modules on the server to increase the security on the server. It will be installed on request.

  • mod security – Block Web based attacks like SQL injection etc.
  • mod_evasive – DOS, DDOS, and brute force detection and suppression for Apache
  • PHP SuHosin – PHP Hardening and Security module
  • DNS Hardening – Hide DNS Version and disable DNS recursion
server migration

Server Migration

If you are moving accounts from one server to another then we can help you in this. We will migrate all the accounts for you.

Note – cPanel must be installed on both servers and we will require root ssh access for both servers.  We don’t migrate data from non-cpanel servers.

unlimited server administration time

Unlimited Server Administration Time

We don’t limit the number of hours that we work on your server. We are going to resolve the issue not matter how much time it takes, without charging any extra fees.


LiteSpeed Support

LiteSpeed Web Server is the leading high-performance, high-scalability web server. It is a commercial product by Our Server Management Service includes LiteSpeed Server Support at no cost.

3rd party software installation

Software Installation

We will install following 3rd party software on request. FFmpeg, Mplayer, Mencoder, Flvtool2, ImageMagick, Simple Scripts, Sitebuilder, PHP and Perl modules. If you have any other custom requirement then please contact us before signup.

whm plugins

WHM Plugins

  • Mail queue manager – Check your mail queue from WHM itself. There will be no need to learn complex exim commands.
  • Email Limits per domain – By default WHM only allows you to set email limit globally, not on per account basis. With this plugin you will be able to set email limit per domain. It’s useful when your clients are sending marketing emails.
  • Nginx – Nginx will be configured as reverse proxy for Apache. It will make web pages load faster.
server log monitoring

Server Log Monitoring

  • Server logs will be monitored and correct solutions will be applied.
  • If any service has problem we will fix it.
monthly tasks

Monthly Tasks

Below tasks will be performed on request only.

  • Clean logs every month
  • Complete server scan every month for vulnerability
  • Update your server every month ( manual update including kernel )
  • Unlimited support tickets

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